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Resources and information for TELUGU families needing help:

The CATS (Capitol Area Telugu Society) Family Helpline is a confidential resource that can be accessed via telephone voicemail or email. The helpline will contact back and provide information and resources service for families. Helpline is not a substitute for emergency situations. For an emergency always call 911 and request for the appropriate help!

Being part of a family affects everything we do and good family relationships are important. However sometimes circumstances can create conflict and problems. Since we do not have extended families here in the US to help or to provide guidance. smaller issues tend to become bigger problems. CATS have been approached at least more than a dozen times in the past year by various members of the Telugu community with varied requests for help. Now, this help is being formalized and made available if you need it. You don't have to face your problems alone.

Engage CATS Family Helpline when:
  1. You want guidance or information for
    • Family relationships related situations
    • Domestic situation related and you need legal services
    • Dealing with teenage and college age children communication issues
    • Medical information
  2. You need someone to listen (and not judge) and provide guidance; CATS will match you with a -Pedda Dikku" who can listen and advice. They will offer suggestions about positive things you can do to help yourself or someone else and suggest other places which may also be of help
  3. You are worried about someone you know and needs hel
  4. You need help with prolonged hospitalization situation of a family member — such as creating a community network to provide help with food, transportation and visitations
  5. Once CATS helpline is reached via the telephone or email, the CATS helpline team member will reach out to get just the basics of the nature of help needed and connect with the right resource to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of the individual or family requesting help. CATS helpline will work with existing organizations such as the spiritual organizations in the area set of Pedda Dikku families available, doctors and lawyers from our area, National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-SAFE (7933) , Asha for Women, 1-888-417-2742 , and other community resources to help the family or individual seeking help. CATS Helpline is not a substitute for family counseling or professional help but more of a resource that connects people needing help with other resources.


CATS is a 501(cX3) nonprofit organization providing free helpline to help resolve family relationship issues. with suggestions based on the circumstances. via its toll free help line and email ID. Founded in 2005. the orgarizabon would like to provide Telugu community a caring, nonjudgmental platform to the families across Washington. DC metro area in an effort to improve the overall well-being of those in the community. Any liabity. loss a damage M connection with the usage of CATS Family Helpline and guidance provided. including but not limited to any liability. loss a damage arising from the guidance provided or any advice provided or information provided by CATS Helaine, is expressly disclaimed.

Repatriating help (deceased)

Repatriating help for the deceased involves assisting in the return of the deceased person's remains to their home country or family for funeral arrangements and burial. This assistance includes logistical coordination, liaising with government authorities, paperwork, arranging transportation of the remains, and financial support to facilitate a respectful and culturally appropriate repatriation process.

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Capital Area Telugu Society (CATS) is a non-profit organization that serves the Telugu community in the Washington DC metro area, which includes Northern Virginia and Maryland

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