CATS Mission

  • To encourage and promote the cultural and religious functions of the Telugu community.
  • To invite and honor literary, scientific, and religious dignitaries of interest to CATS members.
  • To facilitate improved communication among CATS members.
  • To serve as a conduit for collecting donations to support educational and socio-economic development initiatives for those in need, and to transfer funds to charitable organizations.
  • To organize additional events as necessary to engage CATS members.
  • To promote participation in volunteering, charitable, and social activities within the communities where CATS members reside.
  • To advance the Telugu language, cultural, and religious activities.
  • To foster mentoring and business development opportunities.
  • To represent Telugus as a cohesive, strong, and unified community.
  • To secure funds for the acquisition, construction, management, and operation of a permanent building facility for the Telugu community in the Capitol Area.
  • To leverage the expertise of CATS members in IT, medical sciences, business, and entrepreneurship to inspire and guide the younger generation through seminars and initiatives aimed at societal improvement.

President Message

Gopal Nunna


Dear Valued-Members and Well-Wishers,
Capital Area Telugu Society (CATS) is a non-profit organization that serves the Telugu community in the Washington DC metro area, which includes Northern Virginia and Maryland

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