1. To encourage and promote the cultural and religious functions of the Telugu community
  2. To invite and honor literary, scientific, and religious dignitaries of interest to the CATS members
  3. To seek funds to buy, construct, manage, and operate a permanent building facility for Telugu community residing in Capitol Area
  4. To promote better communication among the CATS members E. To act as an agency to collect donations for educational and socio-economical development of the needy, and transfer funds to charities
  5. To organize other functions as required which will involve the participation of the CATS members
  6. To Promote interaction and contribution in the Volunteering, Charitable, and Social activities in the communities where CATS members reside
  7. To Promote The Telugu Language, Cultural & Religious activities I. To promote mentoring and business development opportunities
  8. Representing Telugus as a strong, stable, united community
  9. Use our top talent in IT, Medical Sciences, Businesses and Small Businesses to influence younger generation by organizing seminars to nurture entrepreneurial spirit and help the society at large