Cremation Helpline

Following are the documentary requirements for repatriation of mortal remains to India:

  1. Death Certificate, mentioning cause of death - original + p/copy
  2. Embalming Certificate - original + p/copy
  3. Certificate stating that body is free from any kind of infection -original + p/copy
  4. Travel permit - original + p/copy
  5. Passport of the deceased - original + p/copy
  6. Miscellaneous form - as given in the link (this form can be filled either by friend/relative of the deceased or representative of the funeral home. Applicant (person who is initiating the process) has to submit his/her original and copy of the passport + photo identity card)

Documents from (a) to (d) will be provided by the funeral home. Once all these documents are arranged, applicant or the representative of funeral home can either come in person to the consular wing or send them through postal mail for processing at Embassy/Consulate. Once the documents are received, they will be processed and sent back on top priority.